Lost Realms: Histories of Britain from the Romans to the Vikings

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Lost Realms: Histories of Britain from the Romans to the Vikings

Lost Realms: Histories of Britain from the Romans to the Vikings

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However, apparently it makes him queasy because of the 'Horny Relish' which which Geoffrey of Monmouth described the conception of King Arthur. If there is no point in describing something I haven't seen by comparing it to a book or film I haven't read, then comparing historical incidents and characters to fictional characters, places and events even when I do know them (he's fond of the film 'The Wicker man'), just blurs everything. In Lost Realms, Thomas Williams, bestselling author of Viking Britain, focuses on nine kingdoms representing every corner of the island of Britain. I purchased this book after hearing an interview with Thomas Williams on a podcast, but I am now looking forward to reading more of his books.

Some – like Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria and Gwynedd – have come to dominate understandings of the centuries that followed the collapse of Roman rule.The author does an excellent job of reviewing the evidence that we still have of a time long gone, telling the story of people's who barely left any trace is quite difficult. Personally I was expecting this book to read a bit more story like from what I had heard, so I was a little disappointed at the hard going and fact heavy nature of most of the book.

He is also however a meticulous, honest and fair-minded scholar, and his careful analysis of that evidence, material and textual, always establishes its limitations as well as its potential. Found the fleeting references to some of the more successful kingdoms more interesting than the minor kingdoms that ultimately gave way. For all ebook purchases, you will be prompted to create an account or login with your existing HarperCollins username and password.Essex (Essex and Middlesex) - East Saxon kings claimed descent from Seaxnot, rather than claiming Woden as most other Saxon kings. This book was incredibly fascinating and I really enjoyed learning about these little kingdoms, a lot of which I’ve never heard off. I found the chapters on Elmet and Rheged particularly fascinating, however, the entire volume held my interest from start to finish. Perhaps I was expecting a history book and this a new hybrid historical genre where history and autobiography are mashed together and knowing Star Wars and Tolkein is more important than reading Geoffrey or Gildas.

We really get an impression of the weirdness for the people of the time, living through the collapse of Roman civilisation, abandonment, cities falling into ruin, roaming gangs, the rise and fall of warlords, and then the period when the country was full of remains of a magnificent past, monuments so sophisticated they must have been left by wizards or giants. They help us to know which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the site. A sort of holy artillery deployed in the face of the Northumbrian war machine' describes a famous incident when the monks prayed before a battle. Drawing on Britain ’ s ancient landscape and bringing together new archaeological revelations with the few precious fragments of surviving written sources, Williams spectacularly rebuilds a lost past.Hotjar sets this cookie to know whether a user is included in the data sampling defined by the site's pageview limit. Thomas Williams is a historian of the early Middle Ages and a former curator at the British Museum’s Department of Coins and Medals (2017-2018). Lost Realms is a phenomenally well-written, often lyrical account of the post-Roman British Isle shrouded in the mists of time.

After a stirring Prologue which sets the tone of the book, coming across as sceptical of recent revisionism and also somewhat romantic about the period, Williams sets out in an introductory chapter his process of choosing nine “little kingdoms”, lost realms, from the time in Britain between the withdrawal of the Roman Empire in about 410 until the Viking invasions that are the subject of an earlier book by Williams.Also has a really engaging writing style which is great for something which could be dry and turgid in other hands.

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