Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don't Deny Intermittent Fasting--Including the 28-Day Fast Start

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Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don't Deny Intermittent Fasting--Including the 28-Day Fast Start

Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don't Deny Intermittent Fasting--Including the 28-Day Fast Start

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She urges readers to prioritize protein, healthy fats, and whole meals and stresses the necessity of these nutrients. We work closely with publishers and authors to ensure that we offer the best books on the market for your child. She addresses how to prevent possible negative effects as well as how fasting may affect menstrual cycles, fertility, and menopause. But when I listened to this book, the penny dropped as everything suddenly made sense, I tried IF again and I haven’t looked back and honestly don’t think I ever will, the guidance is so simple. Many people think intermittent fasting means simply eating whatever they like, but this isn’t strictly true.

But if you’re looking for support from a community of like-minded IFers, we are here for you at ginstephens. She’s been practicing intermittent fasting since 2014 and is the author of the best-selling book Delay, Don’t Deny. Our team is made up of book lovers who are dedicated to sourcing and providing the best books for kids.Stephens leaves readers feeling empowered and knowing that they have the abilities to regulate their health through fasting and feasting. The “ rip off the band-aid” is the most drastic approach to intermittent fasting that throws you right in at the deep end. Intermittent fasting involves periods of not eating, which encourages biological changes in your body, so it burns existing fat for energy. You won’t have to be restrictive and give up whole food groups forever, and you won’t have to skip social occasions and stop eating nice food!

If you overeat during your eating window, you’ll put on weight; it doesn’t matter if you’re following 16:8 or OMAD at the time.These modifications aid in the health advantages of IF, such as weight loss, increased lifespan, and greater insulin sensitivity. Gin Stephens is the New York Times bestselling author of Fast Feast Repeat, and host of top-ranked podcast Intermittent Fasting Stories. Between now and January 3rd, you’ll read the first part of the book, craft your why, and get ready for the fast start. It's highly addictive to get core insights on personally relevant topics without repetition or triviality. Whether you are new to intermittent fasting or an experienced intermittent faster, tune in each week to this motivational and down-to-earth podcast to get inspired, learn, and have some fun along the way.

I first discovered Gin and IF in May 2023, and I've listened to the back catalogue of IF Stories ever since (I’m almost up to date now) and have listened to lots of the Life Lessons podcasts with Gin and Sheri (now no longer continuing). For others, though, who are more attached to their eating habits, fasting can seem like a drastic change to make just to drop a few pounds.Stephens examines these advantages, which include greater heart health, improved insulin sensitivity, and decreased inflammation. I lost so much weight after starting the programme and is amazed as there is no trying, it just happens.

So while you’re trying to eat less, your body adapts and starts to require less, undoing all of your hard work. She also explores how IF may be used to prevent long-term conditions including type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. She talks about how fasting causes a variety of metabolic and hormonal changes in the body, including enhanced cellular repair processes, greater fat burning, and decreased insulin levels. Unfortunately, the body releases insulin whenever you taste something that suggests you may be eating.Stephens talks about how fasting contributes to a calorie deficit and provides helpful guidance for maximizing weight loss outcomes, such as monitoring your progress and dealing with plateaus. The book’s concluding chapter examines the viability of intermittent fasting as a long-term way of living. In fact, there was an alternate method that also became popular—the “alternate-day fasting protocol” or what we also know as the “up-and-down” approach. She urges readers to benefit from IF’s continuous health advantages while embracing the flexibility and freedom it gives. It provides an easy-to-follow plan and insights on how to eat well and make fasting a sustainable lifestyle for overall health.

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