Breaking Together: A freedom-loving response to collapse

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Breaking Together: A freedom-loving response to collapse

Breaking Together: A freedom-loving response to collapse

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Deep Adaptation stated that human mistreatment of the earth had caused immeasurable damage to Earth’s natural systems and there was no economic or political will to change course. On the one hand, there are efforts to take our freedoms and money under the cover of climate actions. Breaking Together constructs a comprehensive, compelling yet nuanced argument that societal collapse is well underway. If you feel like you have been losing your bearings as society falls apart, this frank, sensitive and intelligent book provides a new compass for navigating collapse. Bendell notes: “As we face disruption or even collapse, we can choose to defend the universal values we believe in… Matters of equity, justice, healing and reparations are important during an era of collapse, just as they were important during an era of material progress.

JemBot: “In the context of ‘Breaking Together,’ Jem Bendell’s ecolibertarian approach is about building self-reliance, decreasing dependency on harmful systems, and fostering communities that are more in tune with nature and each other. I do not have the book but read the review as none of my neighbours thought that it would be worth their while coming round for a climate assembly in the garden to discuss carbon over tea and cake. It’s time to start again, to develop a critical and open understanding of where we are at and then work with like-minded people to achieve positive and useful change. One such person in modern times may be Professor Jem Bendell of Cumbria University, whose new book, Breaking Together: A Freedom-Loving Response to Collapse, was released on 9 May 2023.Considering that every other civilisation has collapsed eventually, why should we be any different and why should we question his view? First, that many foundations of modern societies are breaking together at the same time, and so societies won’t recover to what they were. This event was partly set up as the launch of Jem’s new book, Breaking Together: you can see my blog review of it here.

So, given your interest in hands-on application and external adaptations, what specific activities or practices have you found effective or would you consider exploring? My view is that unless we talk about collapse then our suppressed anxieties will be manipulated by incumbent power to make matters worse. Professor Jem Bendell skillfully and seamlessly integrates personal reflection and hard data from virtually every domain to provide a unique vision of catagenesis – the creative renewal of post collapse society. This brings us to a question – how do you understand ecolibertarian principles, and how do you see them fitting into your vision of a just community?In other words, the focus is on the process and the integrity of our actions, rather than being fixated on the end result. Hence, because society is dependent on nature for food, water and well-being, a collapse of modern society was inevitable. Those who associated with Epstein provide an extreme example of how the desire to succeed through working with elites is what helps to maintain destructive systems. After decades of scientific concern, and some small steps by various organisations, climate change has finally become something talked about by the general public and the elites.

Despite the rapid development of vaccines and the global availability of advanced medicine, Covid killed over three million people. They are unscientific because they ignore how complex human societies existed for tens of thousands of years without destroying their environments. Breaking Together provides an impressive and sobering analysis of what is happening in societies and the biosphere, why ‘we’ (in modern cultures) didn’t know sooner, and what realistic choices remain, both individually and collectively. That was in 2018 and she dropped everything to go full time working with Gail Bradbrook to develop ‘Extinction Rebellion’.In Breaking Together, Jem Bendell brings a sober realism to the study of industrial civilization’s collapse, while balancing it with heart, creativity, and a stubborn belief in our capacity to respond to crisis with both compassion and courage.

Many people have realised they need to move to a new town, village or intentional community to do that more. This suggests that we should exercise our personal agency in the most productive, compassionate way possible, despite possibly unavoidable outcomes. But I also have little doubt the book will resonate deeply with the wider public, those that are now experiencing the effects and anxieties of crumbling societies in their daily lives.In the book, I connect the cracks on the surface of modern societies to the crumbling foundations in our economic, energy, environmental, and food systems. And even then it is exceedingly difficult to be definitive about precisely when and precisely why it happens.

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